NAME:  J. Alexander (Actually Justin, but hate my first name...long story).

PLANETARY LOCATION:  Tempe, Arizona U.S.A.  aka surface of the sun.

AGE:  34 but I act like 14 lol

PROFESSION:  Senior TSR (don't hate me) for Target.  But really I basically write lots of reports and managed four dialing systems and consult.

GENERAL PLAY TIMES:  Sunday-Thursday after 10pm PST.  Fridays and Saturdays are open.

HOW DID YOU FIRST GET INTO SWG:  Former roommate ign Estebaan.

VET STATUS:  Played Since April 2004 or Patch-9.  Somewhere around there.

COMBAT ENGINE:  I'm a carebear, so pretty easy going with this.  But it DID tick me off that I had to   change all my tool bars and re-adjust each time and having my original GCW rank RIPPED from me (as a PVE'er) did not sit well.  Selling me an expansion one week before the NGE's release was an obvious dubious capitalist move that backfired...and I'm all for capitalism, but....

WHAT OTHER MMO'S HAVE YOU PLAYED:  Really only this and WoW cause I was badgered by a coworker into WoW when it was first released, but I'm not a fantasy fan despite my memories of sixth grade DnD dungeon-mastering.  Me and some other kidz belong to a guild for the upcoming Tabula Rasa game, also a cascade of pages on this main site, which NC Soft has recognized us for being that they've postponed the game for years and we've had a pre-guild almost as long.  Oh, its called "Rank and File"  join if you like  smiles; force like powers and stuff, too!

Purple, is it obvious yet?  lol  Anodized on metal, to be precise.

HOBBIES:  Videography (feature full-length didn't work out; hard to keeps 8 people together, mostly comedy sketches now pages for those being refined), writing, games, pc's.  Think those are the big ones.  Oh, and making stuff like these pages n' stuff.

PETS:  Used to have a Rotty named Spaten (named after oldest brewery in Munich) and a pet scorpion named "Vicious"--he was fun to watch eating...they both didn't have good ends reason I don't have pets now.

INTERESTING FACTOID.:  I was struck by lightening once!  LOL!  My fault, though....

FAVORITE STAR WARS MOVIE(S):  Return of the Jedi and the last one; Revenge of the Sith...Yes, I like Empire, but don't ask me to explain.

FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES:  Deus-Ex Invisible War, KOTOR-I (that old hag from KOTOR-II was an annoyance!), the ODDWORLD series, obviously SWG,  Just off the top of my head.

FAVORITE TV CHANNELS:  Science, Comedy Central, N-Geo, FSN, ESPN, G4, SCI-FI, TNT, MSNBC

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  Ugh...I get home late; roomy got me hooked on Law and Order.  Otherwise, any crappy Sci-Fi channel movie or series.  I miss LEXX.  Grew up with Doctor Who, but not sold on this new stuff yet completely; not the same.  Would say Red Dwarf, but we don't get that televised here in USA.  FarScape.

FAVORITE MOVIES (OUTSIDE SW):  Dune (David Lynch), Das Boat, Smilla's Sense of Snow (see it, if you haven't), Aliens series (toss up between 1st and 2nd), Brazil

FAVORITE ACTOR:  Christopher Walken, baby


IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY VEHICHLE:  Hummer H2; sry know it only gets 2mpg, but...

YOU'RE STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND, WHAT TUNES HAVE YOU LOADED INTO YOUR TOOLBAR:  Smiths Louder Than Bombs, Bauhause the Sky's Gone Out, Some Warren Zevon disc, Some Led Zeplin Disc, YIKES Kidney Thieves' first album; love angry girl muzik.

FAVORITE PIZZA:  Pepperoni and Pineapple lol

PC SPECS:  AMD 2200+, 126 ATI GPU, 1GIG RAM, "borrowed" XP Professional, sweet blue glowing case with not enough power cables.  Have the hardware to go AMD 5600+ X2, 2 Gigs RAM, and 512 VisionTek GPU...just gotta get off my ass.  Tired of my roommates having nicer pc's than I do which I built for them plus ig lag.

HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH YOUR TOON(S)' NAME:  Ssssss Kirk is named after that lizard dude chasing Captain Kirk around on some barren planet while some uber species watched.  He kept repeating "Ssssss, Kirk...." and there you have it.  They wouldn't let me have Kirk's Foe, SX6 (number in name), etc....annoying.  I'm not a fan of ALTS 'cause I see too many people do dubious things with them, but finally had to create one for storage reasons.  He's "SXSIX Alternate".  Fish dude.

HOW MANY TOONS DO YOU RUN:  1.2; the above two, but don't log the alt much.

YOUR BIGGEST WISH FOR GAME:  Content.  Reached cl90 February 2006; thank god I can try to help peeps out or spend time decorating houses.  I don't encounter all these bugs other peeps complain about, maybe I'm lucky?

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT SWG:  Community and helping folks out, decorating my houses.  And above all *prizes*!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST ABOUT SWG:  The "I'm Uber and can't talk to you" types and whiners (sry, being honest).

IMP OR REBEL:  More IMP with Ssssss, but SX6 Alternate is Rebel for fun.

PVP OR PVE:  PVE, again, carebear, but more than anything I think PVP is mindless after awhile (for me anyway).  I can hold my own in a duel, but there you have it...shouldn't be the be-all-and-end-all...

FORMER AFFILIATIONS:  DST (Dark Sentinels of Truth), UGD (Univeral Galactic Defenders) and WOOKS (believe it or not; long story, thanks Dumper, weird for a Trando')


HOW MANY HOUSES DO YOU HAVE:  Four, I think, maybe five with the alt.


FAVORITE ARMOR:  RIS, though its useless to a BH,            but pretty...

PRE-NGE PROFESSIONS:  I was actually working on Doctor.  Master Scout and Master Medic, though, and, of course MBH.  Was CH for a shortwhile and think I'll gravitate to that again w/Chapter Six.

CURRENT PROFESSIONS:  Ssssss is MBH soon to drop a bunch of skills for beast master (why did they have to call it that?  I think of Mark Singer in a loincloth ugh!)...And the Alt is smuggly.

FAVORITE VEHICLE:  My AT-RT I spent 30 bucks at Target to get...


FAVORITE PLANET:  Mustafar (despite the lag) I like the foreboding aura.

LEAST FAVORITE PLANET:  Dathomir; what a hateful little rock.  Nothing but trees and, back in the day, rancors that snatched you off yer ride out of nowhere and made you clone instantly).

FAVORITE QUEST:  The Mustafar Series...


TROLL OR CONTRIBUTOR:  Contributor, but I'm a big-time "lurker"

TYPICAL GAME PLAY:  Have a beer, log in, check mail, have another beer, look at disarray of houses, have a beer, see if anyone needs help if not invent something....If not promise self to hang up at least 5 items that night..........